On a better note, a quick thankyou to everyone who has sent positive comments and emails, its great to know there is people out there that care and also enjoy following my super exciting life lol. All comments/email welcomed and appreciated, exept spam of course.
The sad spammers trying to leave crap in the comments kindly piss off!!!! your comments will not get aproved so dont waste your time.
Another day in paradise, or should it be hell. Not sure what to do today to be honest, weathers crap so the mean machine's not coming out.
I continue to have very vivid and strange dreams, last night i was back in school of some sorts and lived in some sort of huge house that was a bit run down which i shared with a friend, all free of course cos i didnt work! Then it all switched to me traveling across the country in a works van loaded up with materials, i was with a few friends and some people i didnt know. For a large part of it i kept getting stick for various things, my hair, being skinny and a few more rather personal things! It was all so strange.
One good thing about 99% of these dreams is i am fully fit, running, walking fine, riding motorbikes (i do miss mine) etc. So now i know at least MND cant take away my dreams, however wierd they are lol.
Coming up to 2 weeks on the trial and everything seems to be ok, i do still have a bit of indegestion but nothing i cant handle. One thing is the tablets taste friggin awful. Back to the hosi on thursday for my first MOT since starting the meds, hopefully it will be quite short and sweet. 
I can confirm we are in the final of Manchester wedding of the year ;-) well chuffed, thank you so much to everyone who voted we really appreciate it.
I am now finding bath time a struggle, showering is too risky with me having to stand and being in the bath is hard cos i struggle to get up once i lie back and also to get out. With one nackered arm and the other going also makes washing and getting dry a pain in arse!
As ive said before eating is a pain, i poured a bowl of rice crispies over myself this morning lol
Cannot write or hold pen any more with right and left i can just about hold pen.
The overall strength in left arm is dropping quite a lot
I seem to lack motivation to make myself something to eat when on my own due to dropping things and doing things like buttering my fingers and hands instead of bread, flicking food everywhere or spilling everything lol.

There are a lot of little niggles that do my friggin head in but these are my biggest ones at this time, oh and the f*****g falling over!
last night was really warm and i struggled to get sleep, i ended up having a few brandys and watched 3 films, Soul Man(or men) Total Recall and Superman Returns, eventually went bed at about 2 in morning. After a ruff night i got up and decided to go to Dennis's on my scooter while its nice, roughly about a mile an half away. Now i havn't charged the scooter since i got it but it was still showing full, so off i went, 25 mins later i got there no problem. Sat in garden for a hour and we decided go morrisons for a few cans, so off we went, he bought morrisons own bitter! 89p for 4 cans :-0 cheap crap basically, with a bit of mithering he got me a small bottle of real ale. With our few things packed in bags he decided to load my scooter up to save him carrying them! cheeky get, i know he is dying make a trailer for it so i can cart other stuff about for him lol.
Well after a few hours of just sitting round chatting and supping my 1 beer i decided venture back home, the scooter battery meter was showing over half full. 10 mins into the journey i was traveling up a bit of a hill and saw the battery meter drop, the scooter then slowed right down and stopped! shit! ended up ringing my AA (polly) come pick me up and load the scooter in boot, she seemed to find it quite funny seeing me stranded at side of the road.
Lesson now learnt and the mean machine is now on charge!
The weekends over and i'm shattered, done sod all but still goosed lol, no it was quite a busy weekend really with Hollie being here, she has been very good helping out here and at my mum's aswel as having to do some homework about WW2.
 Polly went watching Bon Jovi and got absolutely soaked ;-) her dad turned up an hour late picking her up! no she wasnt happy when she got back here looking like a drowned rat lol.
We went to the inlaws on Saturday for a fish BBQ done on a smoker of some sorts which was quite fun, but to be honest i was still hungry after it so we called into my mum's for the left over chinese takeaway.
Sunday was a trip to cinema and watched Mars Needs Mom's which hollie really enjoyed with her big bag of salted popcorn! i was gutted cos i dont like salted. Later we finished Hollie's homework and got her ready for home, Polly has been run raggid doing things for Hollie as i'm struggling
Came across Alice's bucket list on blogger the other day and wow how inspiration such a young person can be. Its such a shame someone so young is battlng cancer. She seems so cheerful too and makes me realise i need stop complaining lol, easier said than done i guess.
I was thinking of maybee doing my own bucket list, it is something ive thought about for quite a while but never got round to doing it. One thing i can cross off straight away is meeting Lee Evans ;-) Ive got hollie coming for the weekend so may not get much chance to get on here and write one. The biggest problem is keeping my list down to less than 4 pages lol.

Going to see a planning councellor today to give our extension plans the once over, hopefully everything will be ok.
As requested a change of colour, i hope this is easier to read.

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.