Another day in paradise, or should it be hell. Not sure what to do today to be honest, weathers crap so the mean machine's not coming out.
I continue to have very vivid and strange dreams, last night i was back in school of some sorts and lived in some sort of huge house that was a bit run down which i shared with a friend, all free of course cos i didnt work! Then it all switched to me traveling across the country in a works van loaded up with materials, i was with a few friends and some people i didnt know. For a large part of it i kept getting stick for various things, my hair, being skinny and a few more rather personal things! It was all so strange.
One good thing about 99% of these dreams is i am fully fit, running, walking fine, riding motorbikes (i do miss mine) etc. So now i know at least MND cant take away my dreams, however wierd they are lol.

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Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.