I am now finding bath time a struggle, showering is too risky with me having to stand and being in the bath is hard cos i struggle to get up once i lie back and also to get out. With one nackered arm and the other going also makes washing and getting dry a pain in arse!
As ive said before eating is a pain, i poured a bowl of rice crispies over myself this morning lol
Cannot write or hold pen any more with right and left i can just about hold pen.
The overall strength in left arm is dropping quite a lot
I seem to lack motivation to make myself something to eat when on my own due to dropping things and doing things like buttering my fingers and hands instead of bread, flicking food everywhere or spilling everything lol.

There are a lot of little niggles that do my friggin head in but these are my biggest ones at this time, oh and the f*****g falling over!
31/5/2012 01:48:02

Thank you for information


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