The weekends over and i'm shattered, done sod all but still goosed lol, no it was quite a busy weekend really with Hollie being here, she has been very good helping out here and at my mum's aswel as having to do some homework about WW2.
 Polly went watching Bon Jovi and got absolutely soaked ;-) her dad turned up an hour late picking her up! no she wasnt happy when she got back here looking like a drowned rat lol.
We went to the inlaws on Saturday for a fish BBQ done on a smoker of some sorts which was quite fun, but to be honest i was still hungry after it so we called into my mum's for the left over chinese takeaway.
Sunday was a trip to cinema and watched Mars Needs Mom's which hollie really enjoyed with her big bag of salted popcorn! i was gutted cos i dont like salted. Later we finished Hollie's homework and got her ready for home, Polly has been run raggid doing things for Hollie as i'm struggling

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