Its been tough the last week or so, been quite down alot and getting realy pissed off with this disease! The frustration of not being able to speak or be understood is extremely tough to get my head round, out of all the losses iv dealt with already legs, arms, peg tube, etc this has to be the one thing that as knocked me for six! For the first time in this journey i was feeling ready to give up! but no i cant give up because theirs so much to look forward too, i want to see hollie grow up and plus i have only just got this bloody bungalow, oh and not to forget the big party coming up.
This laptop has not helped with me strugeling with the grid 2 and smart nav, iv felt like throwing it through the window only for my arms not working, problems that i could solve in the blink of an eye at one time and now it winds me up not being able to do some of the simplist things, desperatly need assisted technology to sort things out.
Looking forward to the AGM tomorrow at stanstead with mum dad and our rachael, hopefully meet up with someone
13/9/2012 11:22:17

Ooops the ending was supposed to say hopefully meet up with people off the forum etc =my bad! Keep positive boon we're all here for you xxx

Kevin Tyler
13/9/2012 14:43:36

Keep positive Boony YNWA

ps you never know you might meet someone : )


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