Had another set back, all set to kick tossers arse then i have a shocking

night last night, could not get comfy at all even with 2 carers helping, had
a choking
fit which scared me then fell to bits crying like a blubbering
fool. Started again
once i got up this morning, slavering and blubbering!
This so tough to deal with. Bed hurts me, wheelchair is shite, neck aches doing
this and the list goes on!
Yes i have amazing support around me and im so
lucky, yes i am so so grateful but inside i feel very alone! After all there
isn't many that know how this feels.

Get the straight jacket and padded room ready.

19/9/2012 13:59:44

Oh Chris, how frightening for you. NEVER think you are a fool for crying; you have so much more than any of us to deal with on a daily basis, I came on here to have a nosy at your bungalow pics,which are great by the way. I can't say I understand how you feel as I don't have MND but I can empathise a bit because my bro had very similar experiences- he could never get comfortable, his wheelchair was shite and he had choking fits. Bloody scary! Bloody disease! Won't ask you to stay cheerful/positive, but thinking about you and sending hugs your way xxx

19/9/2012 14:04:07

Dont ever feel alone I'm with you every step of the way, we will fight the tosser! Keep being strong xxx

19/9/2012 14:57:37

mate, you have my most sincere empathy. After an uncomfortable day in the chair, all you want is a good & comfortable nights sleep and it's so shit when you're in pain / unable to breathe well. It's so indescribably scary when you can't breathe n feel like that's it!! Had this twice in 3 days and was a real reality check. Don't worry about crying, look at all the olympians bawling their eyes out cos they won/lost ;-). Keep laughing when you can n bollocks to anything else :-)

lisa austin
25/9/2012 16:13:00

Hi Chris just had to say that you are an. Inspiration and a lovely guy . You are not weak for crying your human and your sooo right as much as we all help and care we don't know how you feel . Keep fighting keep strong and remember we are thinking of you always have missed ya . Xxxxx


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