Added a few holiday snaps to my page ;-) Good result in footy last night, seeing the smiles wiped off the manc's faces was good! To be honest they were totally outplayed by a fantastic Barcalona team.

Starting to get a little nervous about my first meeting for trial on tuesday, hopefully everything will be ok.

My mates came last night and took some measurments for extension plans, still not sure what we are going to do yet. My aunty has told me she is doing a sponcered bowl to try help raise money for the extention which i think is a very thoughtful thing to do.
I cant help but think back to just after Polly and i got engaged, we made a decision not to put me on the mortgage cos we intended to move once married so it seemed right to just wait, then start a new mortgage, life, family in our new home once the wedding was done, 8 months later up pops an ALS diagnosis! we could have been mortgage free if we hadnt decided to wait and do it all the right way.

How quickly your life can be turned upside down is unreal.

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