Well its been a bit since my last blog, not because ive been busy or anything, ive been getting used to my new toy ;-) an ipad 2, chuffed to bits with it and i have my sister, mum and dad to thank for buying it me, its another cross off on the wish list! i will need add more soon lol (laugh out loud, but i guess it could be lots of love Jan) One disappointment with it is i cant update this blog on it, for some daft reason apple dont allow flash! Its now making me think more about changing website, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Again sorry if i dont reply direct to comments but i do read every one and fully appreciate them, good to have you back Linda ive missed your comments ;-) hope you had a nice break.

Last few days have been a bit up and down, progression doesnt seem be slowing any which is a bummer, i need a plateau for a few years lol. 
Last night we went out for a curry with a fellow sufferer of the tosser and his partner, we had a great night and it was so good to meet someone similar to me in many ways, we all got on very well and ive goto thank them both for travelling all the way here. Looking forward to meeting up again at their end next time, oh and a picture may pop up somewhere soon.

Tonight is a night in with the lads, few beers and a film while Polly is out on another reunion, i opted out again as i think she will enjoy it more without having worry about me.
Kevan Hassall
3/9/2011 03:54:49

Was great to meet you both and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to meeting up again soon.
Be positive, always.

janet parry
3/9/2011 05:31:26

The Ipads are great- aren`t they ? I often have a go on Andrew`s when allowed!!
Your night out sounded fun[hope you have received your band by the way Kevan ]have a good time "in " tonight lol Jan

4/9/2011 10:46:43

Oh Chris, boys and toys:) How lovely of your family to treat you to such a great gift. Hope you can get things sorted out where you can blog directly from your ipad, wouldn't that be grand.

Sounds like a great night was had by all, you cannot be a good curry and great company can you♥

I'm sure you had a fun night with the boys and hope Polly enjoyed her reunion:)

Hubby and I spent a week in a replica of an English Cottage in Mount Tamborine which is only about 30 mins from where we live. Back to our daily grind again:)

Hey United had a great win the other day didn't they (wink wink). See City is 2nd and Liverpool 3rd. Terrific start for our part of the Country. Hope it lasts!

Take good care

Linda xx


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