I recieved a letter this morning to say ive got the opertunaty to go on the new clinical trial being rolled out :-) Its not like this is going to cure me or anything but its worth taking if there is a slight chance of prelonging things, it may do nothing and also it 50/50 placebo. One things for sure it will be my little part in maybe helping other poor sufferers in the future.

Another thing is i am 10 hours away from being sat in airport waiting to jet away from everything :-) so bearing that in mind i will not be updating for a week (thats if anyone bothers reading lol)

Be back soon.
mark wardley
18/5/2011 12:42:20

Good Blog mate.
Hope you have fantastic holiday,every seconds counts as you know.
It is a bastard disease.
I think people read your blog and really appreciate it ,even if they don't comment,thanks for it.My Mum had MND and it changed my whole outlook on life ,she lives on in me as my kids will for me....as your lovely daughter will for you....
hope this doesn't sound patronising .Cheers and truly sorry... Mark

25/5/2011 11:50:26

Hi Mark thanks for your comment. Very sorry to hear you had to travel this rollarcoaster disease with your mum, it certaily tests everyone around you.

Thanks for reading



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