I am glad some of you guys found my fall funny, reading it back its like something Frank Spencer or Mr Bean would do lol. When i told Polly what happened she went a bit mad at me for going outside but once she calmed down the laughing and taking the piss started! I guess if we can look back on things like this and laugh its time to give up. For the record my bum cheek has recovered ;-) 
I would comment directly but still having probs with it so please dont think i ignore them, i read them all and appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment.

Friday is a day i am not looking forward to, we will be traveling to Brighton for my cousins wedding, the wedding is something i am looking forward to but the 8 hour drive on a minibus is giving me nightmares. We will be there till sunday so i will no doubt be fit for nothing when we get home.

Recently ive had a few emails of encouragement and links to other things, one i found interesting was The Often Awesome Army, its a guy called Tim LaFollette who was diagnosed with Familiar ALS at the age of 29 and has a series of videos. Check out my links page to see more. If you click on web series on the top right of the web page you can watch the videos from the begining, im currently half way through.

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