Were do i start with this fishing trip, it was fantastic, as you can tell i didnt drown nor fall in lol.
Now this place is thee best day ticket carp fishery in the country and as i have said i used to go there a few times a year but this was special. Len who runs the place had lost his wife to MND and Fran who is now Lens partner also lost her husband to MND so as you can imagine this event was very important to them both. Led allowed my friend and me to attend at no cost and was really happy for us to come. 
We arrived there around 7:30pm on Sunday after a 3 hour drive and was greeted by Len and 3 other guys, Mark, Steve and Martin and shown were we was going to fish. It was too late to mess about getting fishing rods sorted so it was just a case of setting bivvys (tents) up and then go for something to eat and drink down at the other end of the lake where all the celeb anglers were, all the paying guests wasnt arriving till Monday morning, we got there and i started to spot ones i had seen in magazines and on DVD's, it felt very unreal, a few burgers and drinks then we fizzled away to our bivvys for a good kip ready for the fishing.
Monday we got up early after a bit of crap nights sleep, i struggled on the bedchair, especially trying to get off it! we had breakfast up at the meeting point then came back and started to get fishing. Mark and Steve, which are 2 of the best carp fishermen in the country were awesome, they dont like the fame side so keep out of it but know and fish regular with all the big names. They helped my mate who is also called Chris get sorted fishing, he is known to us as Bris to save confusion but they named him baldy chris lol, i was hairy chris! That day got quite hot and the fishing was tough, throughout the day various known anglers came round to see us, to Mark and Steve this was pretty normal, to me and bris it was amazing! We had the editor of a magazine Simon Crow sat with us most of the day and saw bris catch his first fish, only 14lb but great, after that it was "right hairy chris, its your turn next" they were determined to get me bring a fish in, but with arms like cotton i wasnt confident. The highlight of that day had to be when John Wilson and Martin Bowler walked into our peg and started chatting, starstruck is an understatement lol John Wilson is a legend, i grew up watching him on Go Fishing, just fantastic. Bris did catch a few fish before i had a go, it was on the Tuesday, one of Steve's alarms blares off and he got the rod and started the fight, then i had to step in, it took bris togrip my right hand on the rod and i reeled with my left, Steve also supported the rod and Mark waited with the landing net, a four man operation lol, after about 10-15 mins it was in the net and weighed in at 24lb 6oz, i was over the moon!! Now Mark does wedding photography so he took some of me and bris with the fish, bris holding it and me at the side, then Martin Clark came and took some of all four of us wich are going to appear in magazines and maybe even in a book that Martin is writing ;-) i believe you will see some in thumbprint mag too. As you can imagine i was pretty worn out after that.
One of the Stars called Derick "the Don" Ritchie was hilarious, he must be about 60 and he had his van blasting out dance music at the meeting point and dancing like an 18 year old lol a very funny man, you will see what i mean when i get all the photo's.
I met and had a chat with a few from the MNDA local support group and a lady called Kirstine Knox who is the CEO in the MNDA and she was lovely and assured me if i needed any help dont hesitate to contact them, again a thumbprint picture may appear. 
There is so much i could write here but my arms killing, ive had do this in two parts.
The event raised over 13 and a half thousand which was a fantastic result and has convinced Len to do it again next year which i hope i can get to.

My biggest thanks to Len for allowing me to attend and making sure i had a good time, he has also said if i want to go fish anytime let him know and he will sort it out.
Thanks to Fran, Adam and the rest for all the food and their hard work.
Thanks to Mark and Steve, great guys and top anglers.
Thanks to Bris for doing all the hard graft sorting me out, getting my food, drinks, etc.

I will never forget this trip and enjoyed it so much, even my little scooter has battle scars to remind me lol. I will post pictures as soon as i get them.
janet parry
19/8/2011 06:44:47

Sounds like you had a fantastic time Chris and that fish you landed was a whopper ! Great to meet so many wonderful people too and what a fantastic amount of money raised-well done to everyone involved !


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