Its all going well with the extension, i posted a few pics on facebook.
I am having a hard time with my left arm, i'm in agoney, not sure if its artheritis! cold got in or somert, anyway i cant type very well which is bugging me! updates may be slow till its better.
Oh my rubbish OT is being changed ;-)

Hope to be posting more soon.
8/10/2011 17:04:44

Great news on the extension Chris. I disabled my account with Facebook but I know my son and daughter love it. I'm sure if I was much younger I would feel different about it. Hope you can get your arm sorted. Good luck with the new OT! Happy Sunday:) Linda x

janet parry
9/10/2011 04:39:05

Have just seen the pictures on facebook -looks like things are steaming ahead !!
Hope the new OT nurse is a big improvement on the old one and your arms feels a bit better soon- take care x

12/10/2011 03:37:23

Good news about the extension!! Glad you are getting another OT - it's so important to have the right people round you. With Mark, we had a community physio who was a lovely person but never used to do any physio on him - very frustrating - I'd ask her what we could do to help and she didn't have any practical answers. Then we met a physio in our hospice - she was awesome and did so much great physio it really helped him, good practical stuff that we could and did use at home. Hope the new OT is awesome too :-)


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