Got a phone call today to go back for Day 1 of the trial, to say i'm over the moon is an understatement, so pleased to be in. I go back next wednesday at 9am.
I have been such a pain in arse for last few weeks with my mood up and down worrying if i will get on this or not.

Also i was the winning bidder on ebay of a Pride Go Go LX scooter :-) not exactley top of the range, offroading, 4x4, turbo charged thing but it will do lol. A massive thankyou has to go to my mum and dad for buying it for me.

And finally got Polly and me tickets for X Factor auditions, Polly is well made up cos Gary Barlow is a judge this year (loves him)
All in all a great day so im having a brandy or 2 :-p

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