Fathers Day was one i will never forget! Polly had got me tickets to watch Lee
Evans at The Place, which is a small venue in Telford. I have watched him a few
times but never somewhere so small, he is a true comedy legend.

Well when we arrived at the venue i sat down near the bar for a
drink while polly said she was going toilet, i could see her talking to a member
of staff but i just thought she was asking about were the toilets were. When she
came back we went to get our seats ready for it to start, but it seemed pollys
mind was elsewhere looking around the room, then all of a sudden she gets up and
walks off with this bloke! what the hells going on! a couple of mins later she
comes back with a big grin on her face, when i asked whats goin on she just
leaned over and said "were going meeting him back stage after show" WOW couldnt
believe it.
The show was hilarious, ive not laughed so much in a
long time, my stomach was killing me and tears rolling down my face, i loved it.
As soon as it finished we was asked to wait in our seats for a bit and once everyone had gone we were taken back stage to wait for him. After a short while he appeared and straight away started chatting away and reeling off more jokes. He was such a great bloke and really appreciated our feedback on what we had just watched, i was star struck lol couldnt believe it, a day i will never forget!

Here is a couple of pic's

There are some good things about being so ill, number 1 is getting opertunaties you may not have got otherwise!
20/6/2011 06:37:46

I LOVE Lee Evans, how cool was that? Your comment about getting opportunities when you are ill made me laugh and reminded me of Mark's attitude in regards to the carer's cinema pass and other things- 'well,I may as well have some perks from MND!!'
He he he! :-P

20/6/2011 07:02:17

How fantastic is that-now I`am really envious -I love this guy !


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