Had a few things done the last few days, bath lift delivered and another hand rail put on stairs which makes some things easier. The bath lift i have yet to try out (having a go in a bit) Still waiting on the riser recliner due to the association being quite low on funds and suggested speaking to OT from local council! i think anything like that from council will mean a means friggin test lol The association have said they will help if all else fails. To be fair it must be difficult to hand out things because they must be asked for help a lot, maybe its a priority thing, there is obviously more worse off folk than me, fingers crossed something gets sorted soon, i do have a fantastic care team visitor ;-)
The photographer came took 2 quick snaps and went! very quick and didnt get my feet on ;-)

Today i went to hospice for asessment and was told about all the relaxation treatments which seem great, i even got a taster massage on my arms and hands. I was told i would get 6 sessions, great stuff, what happens after that? well nothing. Its a bit confusing because i have been told by other PALS that they have been going for years! i dont get it, do you have to pay for further treatments? if they make a big difference i will be gutted to lose them, paying for it would be difficult and no doubt expensive, just like everything bloody else! Anyway my first session is on the 10th so lets see how it goes.
Janet parry
4/8/2011 11:14:43

Hmm ! the massage sounds nice Chris- now who wouldn`t enjoy having one of those ? I really hope you get that chair- Will keep my fingers crossed at least the other bits and bobs you have had will make life a little easier for you -enjoy that bath by the way! LOL

4/8/2011 12:11:33

I would be asking the question Chris then you will know what you are dealing with. Perhaps you could call and ask about further sessions, are they free or not? Puts your mind at rest then:) Hope the bath lift works a treat. Hope tonight goes really well and have a lovely weekend. Linda xx


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