Well the wedding was great, a really lovely day, congratulations Kev and Kath. I will post a few pics on the website.
Now the moan, losing my speech has to be one of the hardest things yet, the frustration is imence and doing my nut in, i feel bad when somebody doesnt understand me because i show my frustration but its me getting angry with myself! Food is a tough one too, my little tetras (tiney fish ) eat more than me! Choke on almost anything, no more madras is gutting.
Oh wheelchair got fixed today.

Whats it like living with MND?

Take your worst nightmare and times it by a thousand and your still nowhere near! Its HELL, watching your body waste away in fast forward, like rigamortice setting in before im dead, ive more than one foot in the grave, more like only just poping my head out! And thats that.   
4/9/2012 17:46:13

Wish ther was something I could do :( xx

5/9/2012 02:22:37

Big hugs cuz xx

5/9/2012 07:14:54

I know its hard but keep fighting it mate. It's really tough to watch the progression so i can only try to imagine how you must feel. The people who really care for you will always be there, regardless of what happens or how you communicate.

uncle Phil
8/9/2012 11:12:15

be strong Chris, we are all here for you ( I am just nipping onto ebay looking for a fancy dress ) if we have to wear a dress thats fine by me but I wont be outdone by our Brian

8/9/2012 16:01:38

hi chris have followed your posts for a while on mnda.my hubby robert was diagnosed in march this year and already both arms no good 'neck muscles very poor fell a couple of times in the last week and cant get out of bed on his own anymore.still waiting for adaptations and through the floor lift.he was a toolsetter in a plastics factory loved computers novice fisherman very similar to you.he is 49 almost 50.daughter getting wed in 2 weeks and he so wanted to walk her down the room but scaringly might not happen.you seem to have a fantastic loving family supporting you just like robert so we are sending you big hugs from all of us.we can only hope for a " cure"like that israeli rabbi seems to have found.lets hope .caroline and family xx

10/9/2012 20:24:21

Love from Downunder Chris♥ I'm sure the love and support from all your family and friends has helped you through some very tough moments. I think of you often and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Linda xxx

kim broderick
11/9/2012 12:49:03

Thinking of you Chris..... I am always following your blog. Great pics of the wedding. Only wish in my heart there was something i can do to make you all better again. You are such a lovely person to know and a inspiration to many. I have never met anybody like you. I think your family and friends are fabulous and know they are so proud of you. Hope your feeling good today. Take care x

Roch Maher
22/9/2012 12:35:00

Hi Chris, I saw you had been on PLM today so came looking For your blog. Sorry to read that things are getting progressively worse. I really admire the honesty that is clear in your blogs, it really helps others who are in the same position and/or those who will be soon enough.


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