Polly decided to nip tesco before to get some more ingredients for the lemon syllabub, shes addicted! on return she brought some other food items, 2 boxes of beer mmmmm and a bucket, she placed the bucket in a descreet corner of the garden and said "that cuts the stair trecks down by 75%" so i now have a pee bucket easy to get to ;-)
janet parry
25/7/2011 17:24:49

That girls got brains-no wonder you married her, great for emptying onto the compost heap afterwards - its good for helping cuttings/grass rot down- been trying to get hubby to oblige and do the deed for years !

26/7/2011 12:02:55

LOL!! Janet!! So have I after reading Bob Flowerdew's organic gardening book a while ago...


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