Its been a pretty boring day today and felt a bit fed up, i find it quite
difficult to do very little all day. Its times like this i get frustrated and
angry at little things i cant do! with my left hand getting weaker it frightens
me a little, i sit here thinking i could cope with one hand, please dont get as
bad as my right. The truth is its tough shit! I do feel fortunate that m
swallowing and eating ability is not yet affected, although using a fork in my
left hand is getting harder, ive given up using a knife. Feedind myself may very
soon be an issue, i dont want to even think about when i cant eat at all, i
would miss my beloved chicken madras too much lol.
21/6/2011 09:13:02

Hi, me again!!
Have you tried the Red Cross, they do a plastic thing Polly can clip onto a plate so you can eat one-handed - basically, you can push your food up against it and it stops it falling off your plate. It acts like a little food wall :-D. Mark also had a knife and fork in one, think it was called a snork or something like that!! These are all available online - I am so annoyed though because I donated all these things to our local hospice. You could have had them!!!!
Chin up, left hand doesn't sound as bad as the right, so it's still Chris 1, MND 0 x

21/6/2011 10:51:22

Ive not really looked into much for help with eating besides the nork (snork) I will hopefully get something sorted soon. The plastic thing you refur to would be a great help, i will have a look for one.

Thanks for your support :-)

22/6/2011 04:48:58

I don't know if this has worked but I've tried to paste a link into the website bit of the comment box...if it hasn't I will Email it to you

22/6/2011 04:51:26

Right,I've tried to paste a link to the product on here - if it's not worked I will Email it to you :-)

22/6/2011 05:22:11

Thanks Sam definatly something i will invest in.


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