Watched Insidious at the cinema with polly last night, didnt enter my head that
it was orange wednesdays! plus new X Men realeased, it was chocca block, que's
out the door! luckily i had my CEA card which with a quick show to a member of
staff got us straight to front :) quite a few unhappy faces and unpleasant
stares but who cares ;) one small perk to being ill.
Anyway the film was
pretty good but i did feel it got a bit silly towards the end, plenty of parts
made me jump out of my skin! i have noticed though that i am very jumpy, since
my MND has moved on ive got more and more jumpy, even when i am expecting
something to happen, a load noise, the dog barking, even when someone shouts me
when im engrossed in the tv lol. I think if someone had video'd me in the cinema
last night it would make a good promotional video.

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