Quite peed off this morning. I wanted to see doc to get signed off sick so i can go back work, appointments can be made on the day by ringing at 8:30 am so i phoned at 8:34 and was on hold for 7 minutes, when the receptionist answered she said can i hold for 1 minute, yes thats fine, 30 seconds later they hung up on me! i calmly rang again and was on hold a further 8  minutes and when she answered this time i was told, sorry no appointments left today! it was now about 8:52 am, i was fuming and tried to explain i had been on once and they hung up on me, oh no we wouldnt have done that she said, well you bloody did! I ended up quite frustrated and upset by the way i was spoken to and put the phone down.

Polly has since been on to them explaining what had happened but basically its tough, not an emergency. All i want is to go back work! Now it looks like the middle of next week before my doctor can agree im ok to go back.

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