Poker night is off, I spoke to my mate before and hes been very busy with work all week and quite stressed, which has suited me really because i feel very drained, i told him i was going to cancel anyway so all's good.
The problem is as the days gone on ive felt weaker and weaker, no idea why, perhaps my mood isnt great either to be honest.
On days like this you do realise how much this disease takes out of you, i hate it, i wish it would just f off!
janet parry
29/7/2011 16:57:36

Can`t be helped I know but its a shame your mate cancelled-sounds like you needed a good laugh, some beers and to have some friends around you-hope you re-schedule soon and win lots of lovely dosh or do you play for matchsticks like we do ? take care .LOL

30/7/2011 01:33:34

Hope you can get together soon:) We bought a poker set about 7 years ago and it's still in the special tin, never been played:(


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