Polly is a pain in bum, i got rid of my desktop pc because it wasnt comfortable sitting at the desk so now we have a laptop, which is great when i can bloody get it off the boss! the worst part is when shes on it (looking for dresses, shoes, bags, etc) for hours on end, she also wants to watch stuff on tv, at the same time! soaps, wedding programs and endless stuff on sky planner, now what do i do??? surely she cant concentrate on both at same time, i know women can multitask but come on. I spend a lot of time checking my emails, forums and website on my phone but its too hard to reply on it with my dodgy hands lol.
I think i need put my foot down!!!
Linda Wright
27/7/2011 22:20:31

Good one Polly:) Simple solution Chris, buy another one (he he). Hubby and I both have lap tops and we sit side by side at the dining table♥♥ Hubby bought me mine one Valentines Day♥♥ Linda

28/7/2011 00:56:59

Hi Chris, yep sounds like you need another laptop. We had the same problem only my partner was, thankfully , not looking and shoes and dresses lol, but poker and football forums. Much better now it's heads down; we just don't speak anymore lol.


janet parry
28/7/2011 13:34:50

Yup ! same problem in my household-only it`s engines and motorbikes ! I`m blogs,ebay and facebook !

29/7/2011 04:58:12

Ive suggested another laptop but i am told we dont need one, i have to be patient and wait!

10/4/2012 16:00:33

Dump her and go out with your mates!


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