Phew it’s been a busy few days and I haven’t had much chance to
update. Thursday I found myself waking up feeling quite full of energy for a
  change and decided to call in work to see the lads, been off work a couple of
  months now so it was good to have a chat, I do miss the banter and laughs! Also
  dropped off tickets for the fundraising night my aunty has organised, which I
  must say is looking like it will be a good night, lots of people chipped in to
  help and do/supply things for free. It’s amazing to have such great
 After the work visit I stopped off at my father in laws flagging
job he’s been doing for a friend, were he had roped one of my best pals into
giving him a hand, I just went there to tell them what they’re doing wrong lol.
After an hour or so it was starting to show, my legs were getting very tired and
weak, all that energy I had was almost gone and id done nowt! Anyway off home I
went for a bit of tea and a rest. Once home I realised it was the local group
meeting tonight, Polly wasn’t keen on me going but I really wanted to. Nobody
was available to go with me so I went on my own, I turned up at wrong time!
7:00pm instead of half 7, so I hung around for it to start then my dad arrived,
he managed change things around. I felt it was a good meeting and got to chat to
a few about general things and our extension plans, I came out feeling quite
positive, I also mentioned I would have a go at doing a website for them
depending on how much typing is needed and how regular, one finger typing is
slow plus my arm aches, like now lol.
 Friday I paid for my busy Thursday, felt tired and struggled with
a lot of things. Hollie came for the weekend but stayed at my mums, so I spent
  most of Friday tea and Saturday round there. Hollie has been helping my sister
  a lot with the baby, she loves it. Polly was very busy with work and had a lot
  of cleaning to do so I was best off out of
Sunday was my aunties first fundraiser,
an hours ten pin bowling against her son, we went along to watch and Hollie had
a game and was pretty good, she really enjoyed it, hopefully take her again
soon. I do get elements of sadness because I can no longer do things like that.
Anyhow my aunty won very easy! I think 10% of what she’s raised goes to the
Polly decided to do a 3 course meal for us once Hollie had gone
home, which was scallops wrapped in bacon with a garlic sauce, then Moroccan
  lamb with sautéed potatoes and green beans, then finally lemon syllabub, it was
  lovely ;-) stuffed to brim after it.

janet parry
25/7/2011 16:47:57

Gosh ! please ask Polly if I can come to tea sometime-she sounds like she is a really great cook- lucky you -Fantastic to hear your family have started some fundraising of their own-good luck with that-let me know if I can do anything to help ?

Judy Gray
27/7/2011 09:33:08

Hi Chris popped over from Janets blog.Just to let you know people are thinking of you I know it has helped Andrew having the surport kind fegards Judy


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