Polly went off to the races yesterday with my sister, the scissor sisters were on too, 5:40pm she left the house and strolled in at 3:40am! obviously full of a hangover today lol. I had a night in with best buds and father in law which was ok, i didnt really have much to drink, wasn't really in the mood once i had my first brandy but we still had a laugh about things. Once they left and i went bed i struggled  to sleep knowing polly was out, i cant seem to settle. While i was lay there trying to sleep it got me thinking of the whole going the pub thing, my mate had said earlier we should go out round pubs, straight away i said i wont, i cant do that type of going out any more, there are so many problems for me to think about, i walk like im pissed before ive even had a beer, fights happen a lot, what if i got caught up in one, i would get too tired to walk pub to pub, then theres the dreaded toilet! guys know its a 2 handed operation for  a pee when wearing jeans or anything with buttons or zips lol you can do without underware (which i find uncomfortable) but as it stands now my left hand is getting bad/weak/no grip, so all in all the whole idea of a lads night out no longer appeals to me, its another thing on my ever growing list of cant do's.
There is a bit of a school reunion next week polly and i are invited (we were in same school and classes)  Polly wants to and is going, id love to but dont feel i can, polly feels guilty at going but to be fair she shouldnt miss out because of me. I may build up the courage to go for just an hour so i can at least meet some old school friends, i will just have to see nearer the time.
18/7/2011 23:19:48

Hi Chris, i know exactly what you mean with lads night out, i was out with friends on fri but there not close friends and it left me feeling a bit vulnerable , toilet etc. my close mates come with me and insist on helping with the buttons etc. holding a pint is fastly becoming a dangerous pastime.
keep smiling mate and we must meet soon. im away early august but towards end we must get mnd meet up sorted. ive asked if funding available from mnda, to help us all.

20/7/2011 10:18:57

Hi mate.
Its one part of all this that i find really hard, and there is always the strange looks when someone comes in loo and see's you mate zipping ya fly up lol.
The holding a pint is a bad thing, my right hand cant full stop and the left is struggling, i will be using a straw soon!
We could do with getting something sorted for a meet up soon, will be good :-)


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