Feel a bit better today ;-) went to watch Hollie in her sports day which was good, she tried hard and got a 3rd and 4th place, she was pleased with herself and so was i. I did have a bit of an uncomfortable moment having to walk, well hobble passed everyone there but i think i handled it ok.

Oh we had a bit of a disaster last night, my dad brought my fav curry round (chicken madras) for my tea, i was so looking forward to it, polly told me sit down and she will dish it out which she did, on a tray in one hand and my naan bread in other she walked in the front room, then realised i had my best tracky bottoms on so went back for a towel when all of a sudden the tray, curry, chips the lot shot up in air and flat down on carpet! complete panic! it was everywhere including on her dress. Alfie gobbled as much as he could before we could drag him away! After polly scubbing at it all for an hour its faded but basically ruined the carpet. I was devastated, not at the carpet but the loss of my fav tea!
janet parry
14/7/2011 17:07:33

Oh you poor thing-just when you were looking forward to it so much !
Why is it-whenever you drop a slice of toast or a buttered scone etc -it always lands jam side down ?

15/7/2011 15:24:34

I was gutted, i felt like crying when i saw it all on floor lol. Landing butter side down is always what happens, our problem is stopping the dog eating anything you drop, hes like lightening, he even eats tea bags! not so keen on fresh chillies though ;-)


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