Wow the funeral was very special, the police took control of it and i must admit they did a great job. It was however still a very, very sad day, i personally felt really emotional and had all sorts of things going through my mind, mainly about death itself! it frightens me. I am not a very religeous person and struggle to believe there is anything after death, thats it, end of, Nothing! i do hope im wrong.

RIP Nick.

Onto another thing ive mentioned in a previous post, Blue Badge escapade. Allow upto 28 days for your badge to arrive, it says, well 2 days after giving application in it was ready! guilty conciense me thinks lol

The next thing we have done this week is book a trip to Disneyland for my little girl... wahooo, not told her yet but plan to tonight and i cant wait to see her face :-) i am really excited about it so i cant imagine how excited Hollie will be.

Finally ive been getting a bit upset over fishing, yes you may well think, SAD! but ive loved my fishing so much and finding it very difficult to come to terms with not being able to do it any more. Its been a massive part of my life since childhood and love nothing more than sitting on the bank of a lake in the peace and quiet, beautifull surroundings, the fresh air and catching carp. Ive heard all the things like, focus on what you can do and not what you cant, there are people far worse off than you etc, but thats far easier said than done! I will no doubt get my head round things and learn to accept what no longer able to do, but at this time everthing is just slowly being taken away without any choice.

Polly and I had a liitle chat about how im feeling about this last night and to my suprise a good friend text me today to see if i wanted go fishing next weekend! mmmmmmmmmmmm anyway i will be giving it a go and see how i manage.

Here are a couple of my fishing pics :-)

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