Well the last few days have been better, had some good comments off some great people on ALS forum which was nice. Spent a bit of time sorting things out, went to Doctors and been given a month sick, wheather i go back work before the months up im not sure. I really think getting back into work soon will really help lift my mood, think i am missing some of the laughs and banter! there is some great lads, and with the company being quite small were like a family.

One thing i will note about today was when i took my Blue Badge application into local council. I got there with what i thought was the right documents only to be told by the rather rude woman behind the counter, this wont do, thats no good then slowly followed by, you need 2 passport photos aswel, now i Knew i didnt because i had ticked the part in the booklet were it says terminally ill! so with that in mind i quietly said, it says on the form i dont need any, to which she quite loudly replied, thats only if your terminally ill, looking at me as if im trying to pull a fast one or something. I then had to say, with a big que of people behind me, I am terminally ill! it really made me feel like shit, so i quickly collected my stuff and left.

Once i got home and sorted the correct documents i told my Polly what went on, she kicked off lol, off we went back with the right doc's, but when we got there it was someone different who was a lot more pleasant. Polly still asked to see the manager and made a complaint, the manager was very sympathetic and understanding of our complaint.

Something not so pleasant is the funeral of my brother inlaw tomorrow, its gonna be a tough day.

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