Todays been pretty quiet, i seemed to have a fair amount of energy untill i had a bath, then i was goosed!
I was having a think earlier and realised there was a massive thing missing off my wish list, a bloody CURE! although it may not come while i'm alive it still needs be there. I prob wont get to do most, but i suppose thats why i called it a wish list. I allways wanted a subaru and was gonna add that but i dont think i'll be driving much longer.
One thing i am doing thanks to one of my best mates is going to british rally in wales ;-) not quite a rally drive but close enough. It will be in november so god knows what condition i'll be in by then, and i hope i dont get stuck on track in me scooter!
janet parry
20/7/2011 11:52:47

Sounds like a good plan Chris -go for it!

23/7/2011 09:46:53

Hi Just over from janets site. You must be mad rally driving in Wales in November! xxx

24/7/2011 05:07:34

Hi Diane, i think im just mad in general lol. It will certainly be cold but hopefully it will be worth it ;-)


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