My riser recliner was sat here waiting for me when i arrived home ;-) so chuffed with it, so much so i was flat out on it yesterday lol. Big thank you to all who got this sorted for me. The only problem is when i do get off it Alf has parked his fat arse on it the little bugger.
Been to support group tonight and got things sorted for me going the AGM at stanstead which i am looking forward to, meet a few people off the forum so that should be good. Also gonna be going for a curry and a few beers with another member who has booked to stay over near here, i just hope he comes in that flashy motor, know what i mean ZED ;-) 
janet parry
19/8/2011 06:48:19

I know what you mean -Andrew`s recliner is fab ! in his case though- its his cat Lola who has to be removed !!


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