The tosser is so good, went on my arse again yesterday but this time more damage :-( sprained my ankle and twisted my knee! Yes it bloody hurt.
Work is starting on extension, our door is going in first then the hard work begins.
Polly is off to Ireland on sunday so got 2 babysitters coming in.
Sorry this is short, just not in mood at min, struggling.

29/9/2011 13:05:50

:-( Keep your chin up

janet parry
29/9/2011 16:35:46

Are the baby sitters any good at poker ? and whose bringing the beer ?
Agree with Sam -chin up xx and be careful

1/10/2011 02:53:26

Hi Chris
Not sure if this is the right place to leave a post. Came across your link on the mnd forum. I'm 34 married with child and going through the same horrific diagnosis process. I wept reading your story, I identify with it so much. I just feel I've had the rug pulled from under me at the moment, I really don't know what to say to anyone right now. I just wanted to say to you that you're not alone and to keep strong for your family.

Michael Westwell
1/10/2011 16:33:13

Got the link from Jaded John. My diagnosis was last year but 'cos I'm old, 67, and fairly strong I might get 5 years.
Great when a person has never been ill.

Live in Spain and trying to sell our house so we can move back to UK where cuts, for things we need, are a concern. Worse we love Spain.

Good luck

3/10/2011 02:11:40

You've got every bloody right to be 'not in the mood',I'm amazed how cheerful the bloody lot of you are;-] On a more serious note I hope you're getting some good mind bending drugs!!
This blog is very humbling the strength of MND sufferers amazes me still, I hate it how perfectly nice people get there life screwed by this B*****d of a disease,not that I'd even wish it on my worst enemy!

3/10/2011 02:53:45

Hope that the past few days have been much better for you Chris xxx

janet parry
3/10/2011 13:02:48

Hi Chris just checking in -hope you have had a better weekend x


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