Things are still going down hill on the progression front which is quite depressing. One good thing is my community physio is still with me, its such a relief as its the only person i can rely on to get things i need and someone i am comfortable telling my problems too, besides Polly obviously. She even got on to the council about my planning application which looks like its been approved :-) 
Wheelchairs have been on my mind a lot lately as i feel the time has come to almost admit defeat! I will post more on this when i know more details.

I had one of those dreams the other night were it feels that real you wake up thinking it was real, then you realise it wasnt! I wont tell all but part was that my right hand was starting to work again, it felt so real, i was so excited and telling everyone, i could even use a knife! upon waking i looked at my hand, bollocks, it wasnt real :-( I think this all came about due to me, and others thinking the trial drug is not slowing but speeding the tosser up.

I looked into wristbands the other day with the thought of doing my own relating to my website and send them to my avid followers ;-) but to get them cheap i need buy 100, i dont think i would shift that many lol and if i did have 100 i dont want to tread on my friend Janets toes selling them here. I think my aunty may be looking into it to sell on her fundraising travels.

Ive been a bit behind updating but i will do my best to get back on track.
janet parry
20/9/2011 11:24:03

Chris -Why not share some bands with your aunty - I`am sure you will sell a hundred quite easily between you- just to family and friends alone [ we did !! though it does get a bit harder after that ! ]I don`t mind as long as you charge about the same-it all helps with awareness and it all goes the same way to MNDA - good luck and oh-remember to save one for me ! x

20/9/2011 12:32:46

Waking up to face another day of this s**t every morning is hard enough, but following one of those "getting better" dreams it is soul destroying isn't it

Chris Boon
20/9/2011 14:50:51

I will leave it to my aunty to sort out Janet, I tried just buy a couple with my website on and it was over £20 yet 200 is £63!

Steve it was gutting, we don't need dreams like that but I suppose it's good while in the dream! Our ability to dream is one the the tosser can't take.

21/9/2011 18:42:27

Great news on the planning application:) Hope you can sort out the bands, I'm certain you would sell them, like Janet I would be happy to purchase some. Sending special thoughts. Linda xx


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