Been on screening vist today for the trial, quite a long day, arrived at hospital at 9:15am and got back home at 3:20pm. All seems to have gone pretty well, the main thing is passing the breathing test which can rule you out straight away if you fail, i passed so that was an instant relief. Blood test, urine test, ECG, physical and neurogical examinations and questionaires, once the ok comes through from them i should be able to start the trial (fingers crossed) I could be one of the first in UK to be on the trial! wahooo, my claim to fame lol. There will be a lot of trips up and down the A580 but what have i got to loose? nothing in my opinion.
The staff there are great too and really make you feel comfortable which really makes a difference.

Im feeling quite posative about this wheather im on the real thing or placebo, its a glimmer of hope!
1/6/2011 11:55:29

Sounds great! Mark was always looking at clinical trials - he thought like you,'what have I got to lose?' and was interested in the outcomes. I think it is all valuable in the scheme of things, even if you do get the placebo, the positive thinking must in turn have a positive effect!!
Any glimmer of hope in this disease for you and your Polly is great,keep smiling both.
A definite 1-0 in your favour :-D x


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