Had a great weekend with Polly, Hollie and Alfie in wales, the caravan was lovely. Took hollie to fair while she went on every ride about 3 times, she told me she had been on twister before and wanted me come on with her, so on it we went, it shot off and got a bit too fast for her and wanted get off (poor thing was frightened) i shouted for them stop it which they promptly did, to be honest it had me panicking a bit lol.
We spent all day walking round (well i hired a scooter) and by tea time Hollie and Alf were shattered, got a great pic of them asleep. We went to beach which was pretty good, once i had got over all pebbles! nearly broke my neck a few times ;-) we collected shells and nice pebbles for her take home, got plenty of pictures so i will try get a few uploaded when i get time.
Hollie was so excited at being in a caravan and really enjoyed it, she goes for a week soon with my mum and dad to another one in south wales.

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