Its been a bit hectic since coming back, first off it was my local support group on thursday wich was good, a lovely bunch of people that seem to be very helpfull. One thing that was mentioned is they need a website doing and i did feel as though i was the target man to do it, which to be honest i would love to do it but im am very new to this website stuff and wouldnt really know where to start! creating this one on here was very easy but i dont think this type of site would be right, i will just have to see what happens.
Oh i also won a box of biccys in raffle lol.

Onto friday, it was a social event at my local coservative club which was a great night, plenty of people came along to help raise money. I ended up leaving about half 10 as i was feeling tired and very wobbly on my legs but by that point over £900 was raised which was fantastic. I really want to do something myself soon, just finding it hard to think of a good thing to do.

Finally saturday, it was a surprise 60th for my father in law, he had no idea and was well chuffed. The night went very well with plenty food, drink, dancing (not me lol) and laughs.

Had a good rest yesterday with my Polly and Alf which was badly needed! and caught up on a few of our programs.

Got my appointment for the first meeting on the new clinical trial for next tuesday, feeling good about the whole thing and looking forward to starting, i just hope i dont get the placebo!
24/5/2011 18:54:34

Is your trial for Dexpramipexole? I hope you are not on the placebo. I'm starting that trial myself next month.


25/5/2011 11:30:45

Yea it is Dexprampexole. I too hope neither of us get the placebo.

Good luck ;-)

26/5/2011 17:58:11

Thanks! It's an exciting trial, for sure. Though it's a bummer that it's 50% placebo instead of 1/3.

JohnBrooks at is also on the study. I'm planning to track my experiences with it on that site.


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