Got my note from the doc's to say i'm fit to go back work :-) i will start back on monday, looking forward to a change and getting back to having a laugh with the lads! It's been doing my head in a bit being stuck in the house, i know at some point i will have to get used to it but for now i need get out.

Been having a think about youtube video's, may do a few video's next to see if that will help raise more awarness and get some people donating on my just giving page. I would like to have got £1000 by this time next year. I have been trying to think of a way i can raise money but i am limited on ability, i'd have loved do a parachute jump! i wouldnt mind doing a charity fishing competition but i am not the best organiser lol, maybe i will get something sorted soon.
My sister donated £350 to the MNDA that was part of a collection after her husband died so that was really good of her.

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