Had a great time at Disney, Hollie loved it. We did have a few problems with the hotel when we first got there but Polly got it sorted, the worst thing was when i had to climb down steps off the coach, i managed get down with Pollys help but lost balance once off the couch and fell, now the driver and 4 other people just stood there and watched Polly strugegle to get me up! ignorant gets.
Sorry this is short but typing is so cdifficult.. I will try get something sorted. OT has been changed, extension  is at a standstill at the min awaiting building regs.
The fundraisers continue to work their arses off, so proud of them all.
Still not back to my best but there is a slight improvement. The time is almost here to go disneyland Paris, hollie cant wait :-) we go friday morning, im quite nervous about goinf but hopefully it will be fun.




I am now on antidepressants! currently the lowet ive been. dont really know what else to say. Struggling like hell to type due to my left hand going down hill fast.
Its all going well with the extension, i posted a few pics on facebook.
I am having a hard time with my left arm, i'm in agoney, not sure if its artheritis! cold got in or somert, anyway i cant type very well which is bugging me! updates may be slow till its better.
Oh my rubbish OT is being changed ;-)

Hope to be posting more soon.
Sorry if i havnt replied to comments or messages, their is a lot going on at the min an im just not with it lol.

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.