Ive crashed and snapped a foot plate off! Whoops, nearly broke my foot other week lol.
For the brave ones you click the link on the right to read from the start.
Big thanks to Kim for the lovely donation.
Hopefully get some updated photos on here soon.
So back to the tosser, its beginning to get tough. My body is now pretty useless besides my neck but thats going too, my speech is hard to understand, i cant eat madras any more, in electric chair all time, more going down my peg by the week, hate the way i look and sound, other than that im fan fucking dabbi dozey and happiest ive been in a long time.
Well what bit is left. Having a big party to celebrate a new start and good riddence to the she devil.
My condition continues worson and is very annoying, hearing all the lies from her and threats to wreck families lives including my daughters over me asking for my things back, what a sad horrid woman.
Anyway my will be more regular and you can now follow me on twitter, search chrisversusmnd

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.