So much has changed in the last few months im currently living in a temp flat awaiting my new bungalow which should be ready in 2 weeks with 24 hour care. Iv had amaizing times recently, i have been getting out and about loads including a weekend in brighton at my cousin dannys and his wife jenny with a stop off at claridges (gordon ramseys) which was unbelievable, not laughed so hard in a long time!
Had my peg tube fitted 2 week ago which wasnt a plesent experience :( its taking a bit of getting used too. Progression has not slowed any and i am now able to do very little for myself, my mood has been very up and down of late with things getting so much harder on top of dealing with a divorce which is being made more difficult by an unco-operative certain someone not responding to anything! My mum and dad are being amazing as ever and i dont know what id do without them, all the support from everyone around me including profesionals has been fantastic! My lovely hard working PA has done so much for me and never left my side while i was in hospital, she is a star x.
My name has been put forward for a chnl 4 doccumentry on living with a life thretening illness which should be very interesting iff i am selected.

Thank you to everyone still following my very interesting (haha) blog, my internet and pc will be set up once im in the bungalow and blogs should become more frequent

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.