Well just about here lol, hands are no good, legs very weak, voice going, neck going and eating becoming difficult, getting peg tube soon! Its been very hard the last few month with all the changes and trying to get a divorce, still cant get my things out of the house off he, its become quite a mess and just want her out of my life! Sending the police round here over fb was sad and very low considering what we are going through and what she has done to me!
I have goto thank  my lovely PA, best friend , mum, dad, all the amazing hospice staff, my physio, all trial team (even though they support blue shite) my socisal worker , my OT and all my fantastic family for their support, god knows were I would be if it wasnt for you guys, thank you all so much xx

Got my new car and move into my bungalow in august,

party time!

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.