My car is ordered and should be here in less than 3 weeks, booking a short break to Benidorm to go and have a good laugh, care hours have gone up, housing is still not sorted but things are looking good, also getting out more lately and trying to have more fun. 
Contact from my so called wife is basicly none existant! It tells me all I need to know, maybe shes busy walking the dog round carr mill dam with a certain somebody! Being seen with another fella just confirms what i thought all along and makes my decision of were i go from here a lot easier.
I need to find a PA, idealy somebody that would be able to come on holidays and pretty flexible, i do have one sorted who is great but still a pain in arse lol. Its not easy to find somebody who wants free holidays and still get paid!
Had demo of wheelchair car yesterday, it looks great and hopefully i will be out and about in style soon.  
Currently waiting to go into independent living, my mum and dad want me to stay here but i need some independence and somewhere to put the 50 inch plasma i got for the extension lol. At least i will have a walk in shower instead of these bloody bed baths!
I suppose none of know how we would deal with this situation but how this has gone is awful, its like i dont exist any more, all in the space of a few month. I feel like a right dick after plastering forums with my wedding pics and how proud i was! What a fucking farse and waste of precious time. All i will say is if it wasnt for my parents, family, friends, inlaws and even her sister god knows what state i would have been in if i stayed there!

Anyway as my mum keeps saying, onward and upward, im not dying im living with my illness.  
If i am being tested to see if I will crack up then somebody is doing a bloody good job! I now live with my parents, polly can not cope! I personally believe ive been replaced with somebody of use and i do have my ideas who! She is not the person i married, heartless. So much could be said but now is not the time. 
Extension was weeks away from completion but has now stopped so i am back to square one, this has almost destroyed me , i don't  know how ive not give up.

I have more to write but i will come back, its all still fresh and hurts.

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.