Well it was the big wedding day today and i missed it due to being in work! was meant be watching it with my girls but just wasnt meant to be. I think we are going to go out for a bit of tea somewhere nice instead.
Also Hollie has done very well in school recently so we are going to treat her over weekend :-)
Currently looking for a mobility scooter, not the kind of thing i was expecting to look for at 36 but never mind.
Got my little monkey coming for the weekend and she wants a tea party for the Royal Wedding so tomorrow should be a good day.
Back in work today after easter break and its been hard, really felt tired and legs were struggling but i stuck with it.
More fishing gear has gone today :-( fell over in garden just trying carry a bag! Not sure what to spend the money im getting from all the stuff yet, cant think of anything at the moment.

Here is a couple of pics of my last ever fishing session from november last year.
The day has come were i have decided i cant do my life long hobby any more, all my gear is up for sale and quite a lot has sold already!
When i was getting it all together for pictures it really got to me, i was in tears twice yesterday at the thought im never going to fish again! ssounds silly but it was more than just a hobby to me, it was my passion. It brings a tear to my eye typing this.
Well its been a tough few weeks, progression to my left arm/hand has been really getting to me and my leg strength has reduced too much for my liking. I am shitting myself at the thought of having 2 useless hands. This whole thing seems to have picked up pace, fasculations are rife, they seem to be all over me! My Polly seems to having it tough too, dealing with me, her job and her own emotions. I wouldnt wish this f****** disease on my worst enemy.

One nice day in the last  few weeks was Hollies birthday party, it was spanish themed and we all had to dress up lol, we had a L.F.C bouncy castle and kids sumo suits which was funny, ive got a few pictures i can add :-)

Check out my photo's page for more!

I'm still here but been having a tough few weeks. Had a really good day last saturday (16th) my baby girls 8th birthday, i will write a bit more about it and what ive been going through when i get channce, probably over weekend.
The forth funeral has been and gone, not the best ive been to (if any are good) but still a  good send off for a true fighter!
I was going to write a bit today about  whats been happening but i'm feeling pretty low and un motivated.

Be back soon when i stop sulking.
Went to my first Conference yesterday, it was interesting in parts but i think mostly it was stuff i had seen or read about on the MNDA website. One thing i was looking forward to was the research part but that turned out to be mainly about how they are trying to work out how MND is caused, now even though this was good to see how much work is being done and how difficult the task is (most of it went over my head lol) i was hoping to hear more about trials and new medication but nothing was really mentioned.
One really good thing about it was getting to meet a few fellow sufferers including another forum member, unfortunatly i didnt get to speak much because of one thing or another (scouse, really good to see you, wish i could have had more time to chat).
Another good thing was meeting up with a group of people that run my local support group and whats really good is they meet at the Thistle Hotel about 5 mins drive from my home. They seem a great bunch and i am looking  forward to going to my first meeting. We was told about a social night thats organised for May 20th to raise awarness/money which again is round corner from me so i will be getting as people as i can to go.

I never thought i would be comfortable meeting fellow sufferers and to be honest its took me a while to do it, but it was a lot better than i thought!
My fist week of  half days in work is over with, im shattered lol. Its felt good being there but has openend my  eyes to how little i can manage.
Went back to work today, it was quite tough and really shown up how things have progressed in the last 8 weeks or so. I would like to keep going at work but may have to see about changing to a desk  job.

Its been another hard weekend as Polly's grandad died on mothers day morning, a week away from his 91st birthday. The funeral will be the 4th one in about 8 months! we seem to be going through a real traumatic spell, when will things get better?

Fighting My Losing Battle with MND.