Work will be starting on the extension next week, its great to finally think things are moving,  im getting desperate to get it done and cut out the stairs, that fear the life out of me!

Not feeling myself today, had a few beers and a game of poker last night and how difficult it is to do the simplist things, hobbling round with my new delta walker (no offence but its not attractive at 36) sitting next to my commode, drinking out of a baby cup and when eating i make more mess than a baby! Depressing.
janet parry
25/9/2011 07:35:40

Great news about the extension ! bet it will be up in no time-better have a good rest today-it will be all hands on deck next week by the sound of things x

25/9/2011 17:11:52

So pleased to hear that work is to begin next week on your extension. Fingers crossed for a quick and stress free build. You know we still think you are tops Chris♥ xxx

29/9/2011 17:53:24

Don't let anything get you down. Be a happy as you figure out how to be at all times.

Even look online to find techniques for doing that.

Could even benefit your health.


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