I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has made comments or sent emails, i really do appreciate them, hopefully it raises some awareness and also shows to other sufferers there not alone, who may also relate to some of the things i'm going through. Also it convinces me to carry on with my blog and shows to me that i am doing my bit.
I do want to say a special thank you to someone who sent me the most lovely email and so generously donated to my just giving page for the MNDA, my first donation ;-)
If you do enjoy reading and can pledge please do, no matter how much, every penny counts. I will be auctioning my last bit of fishing parafanalia (spelling) to put in the fund on ebay, a book i got called Still Searching by Terry Hearn which he signed for me at a fishing show (i see him as a legend in the carp world) It may not fetch a lot but its something, i will no doubt find more things to auction in the future.

Ive also added the option to donate by text message.

You can now donate by text, very simple, You text 
the code BOON75 followed by amount to

Example: BOON75 £1 to 70070.

Thank you all.
janet parry
27/7/2011 03:27:04

Useless texting -can`t see a blooming thing -need glasses and a phone that is scratch free-have sent you a donation :)


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